Top 10 Weight Loss Tips (10 Images)

Tip # 10 Whether you are a man or a woman, we are confident that you would want to lose some weight to look better, but many of us can do so because of various reasons. Either we don’t get time to exercise, or we just can’t resist food which is normal because all of […]

Fat Burning Secrets from Fitness Models (15 Images)

If you have been a big fan of these fitness models then there is a high chance that you must have always wondered that how come they develop such muscles and have those abs. well with these tricks and tips you would also start to be fit like these models.

15 Scientific Ways to Be Hotter (15 Images)

1 Have you ever wanted someone’s attention so much that you actually cried at night? Well we have some tricks and tips for you which will just make you so hot and you will be irresistible for others. So check out all the suggestions to become smoking hot!

Celebrity Weight Loss Transformation (20 Images)

Jennifer Hudson So everyone knows that she is a fab singer but she wasn’t just fab all the time, although there was a time when she was just flab. But then she started working her way out and as you all can see that she is again just fab! She joined hand with the campaign […]

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Donatella Versace Money and fame can lead anyone to some very questionable decisions that they make in life and these celebs have made such decisions in life! the Chief designer and Vice president of Versace is a woman with a lot of money and with all that money she decided to get herself covered with […]

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We all marry for different reasons, and most of you would say that you married your partner out of love, but the bitter reality is that a part of the reason was that your partner was incredibly wealthy and you didn’t want to worry about any financial issues. Hence you ended you marrying them. We […]

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Thre are many out there who don’t like history because they believe that it is boring and dry while there are some who like to explore the events that occurred in the past because they always want to learn. And so, such people like going through history books that tell them about the historical events, […]

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Giants have been a staple of mythologies from around the world for thousands of years. Though their characteristics shift depending on culture or tale, the thought of people that are larger-than-life has captivated the minds of creatives over the ages. While the giants of legends may not exist, record-breaking “giants” are born all over the […]

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All of us are human, and it is quite natural for us to have moments where things don’t go as we want them to and that leads to great embarrassment. However, the thing is that since we are ordinary people, not many people get to hear about since awkward that happened to us and hence, […]